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The Entirety of Ronnie Yeates’ Career Has Led Him Here

Ronnie Yeates moved to Montgomery County in 1978. He married Becky, his high school sweetheart, and together they have two children. Ronnie has been an active member of Trinity Lutheran Church for almost 30 years, where he is a member of the Serve Team and an usher.

Ronnie attended Sam Houston State University, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement and Police Science. During college, he interned with the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office as an Investigator and worked cold cases. The experience of working in the District Attorney’s Office made him decide to apply for Law School and become a Prosecutor.

Ronnie attended South Texas College of Law. Shortly after graduating from law school he started working with the Walker County District Attorney’s Office.

In 2002, Ronnie filled the newly created second Assistant District Attorney position with the Grimes County District Attorney’s Office. As a Prosecutor in Grimes County, Ronnie has been available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for almost 16 years for any Law Enforcement Agency.

Outside his life as a dad, husband and prosecutor, Ronnie is an active member of the Tomball Gun Club, a lifetime member of the NRA, a member of the NRA Business Alliance, a member of the Texas State Rifle Association, a member of Ducks Unlimited, a member of the Sam Houston Alumni Association, a member of the South Texas College of Law Association, a member of the Texas District and County Attorney’s Association, and a member of the Criminal Law, Government Law, and Justice of the Peace Sections of the State Bar of Texas.


Sam Houston State University, May 1997

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement – Police Science

  • Interned at Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office as an Investigator in cold cases including homicides.

South Texas College of Law, December 2000

Juris Doctorate

  • Interned at Harris County District Attorney’s Office; Represented the State in the 184th District Court and Precinct Four Place 1 Justice Court



  • Responsible for the pre-trial, trial, and post-trial representation of the State in all adult misdemeanor cases in the County Court at Law and all three Justice Courts of Grimes County, Texas
  • Responsible for the review of, filing, and representation of the State in all civil asset forfeitures of both real and personal property in the 12th and 506th District Courts
  • Responsible for the pre-trial, trial, and post-trial representation of the State in the 12th and 506th district courts in State Jail and Third Degree Felonies and higher-class offenses originating as State Jail and Third Degrees
  • Responsible for reviewing, approving or modifying Occupational Driver’s Licenses filed in The County Court at Law and any Justice Court in Grimes County and representing the State in any hearings
  • Responsible for bond revocations in County Court at Law, all the Justice Courts and the 12th and 506th District Courts
  • Prepares and reviews cases for presentation to the Grimes County Grand Jury
  • Responsible for preparing and reviewing Grand Jury Subpoenas and Search Warrants
  • Reviewed and Prepared cases for presentation to the Grand Jury of Walker County, Texas
  • Represented the State of Texas in each of the four Justice Courts of Walker County
  • Represented the State of Texas as the Felony Prosecutor of the 278th District Court of Walker County
  • Represented the State of Texas in Bond Forfeitures in the County Court at Law of Walker County
  • Volunteered as Judge in Navasota ISD Teen Court Program multiple occasions

Criminal Justice

  • Provides guidance 24/7/365 for any law enforcement agency operating in Grimes County including, but not limited to the Navasota Police Department, Grimes County Sheriff’s Department, Texas DPS, Texas Rangers, FBI, DEA and Texas Game Wardens
  • Assists law enforcement in analysis on major and minor crime scenes as necessary any time, day or night
  • Provides insight and guidance to law enforcement during active investigations


  • System Administrator for the Grimes County District Attorney’s case Management Software
  • System Administrator for the Grimes County Discovery Web Portal for defense attorney access program
  • Responsible for the selection, implementation, and maintenance of the Grimes County District Attorney audio/visual/photography equipment
  • Designed and is responsible for the maintenance of
  • Inventories and maintains the Grimes County District Attorney’s Office Armory
  • Supervises the daily activity of subordinates including handling personnel problems, assigning and reviewing work, conducting performance evaluations and making recommendations on disciplinary issues
  • Representative of the Grime’s County District Attorney’s Office on the Grimes County Bail Bond Board
  • Assisted the implementation of a rotation schedule for the Grimes County Justices of the Peace “on-call” blood search warrant program
  • Supervises subordinates in the Kids in Court Program

JP Court is the court of the people.

It is a personal court where people want to be heard, expect to be heard and want to say their peace … the court of the people.

Fresh Ideas

  • The court needs more settings.
  • I want more technology to aid all involved in the process – unrepresented and represented citizens, attorneys, prosecutors and defendants.
  • I want to inform the public who wait for court of the different types of available options and pleas for Class C violations (deferred adjudication, defensive driving, etcetera), filing fees and options for civil cases, information on Occupational Driver’s Licenses, and other procedural issues.
  • A JP has to be open to listening to both sides of a case, be fair and impartial and rule on the law. A JP has to know the law and stay up to date on any changes and make sure their staff is current on any changes, as well.

New Vision

  • Let’s make sure all employees are cross-trained … we need continued education …
  • Need to make sure offense reports are turned in with cases dealing with victims … assault, wrecks, threats, criminal mischief, etc.
  • Have separate dockets for assault/victim crimes, as those cases are special and should be set separately for pre-trial settings for parties to talk.

Conservative Values

  • Work with the public, attorneys, and prosecutors to make sure the subpoena process works as smoothly as possible ... efficiency means cost savings which means better use of our tax dollars, YOUR tax dollars.
  • Customer service is paramount in Justice Court – People are dealing with issues they consider very, very important in their lives. They want undivided attention.
  • JP needs to be available 24hrs to assist with inquest/death pronouncement
    • A JP has to be available for their staff, to the public, and law enforcement to give assistance, guidance, and to do what they swore to do in office.
    • I have been available 24/7/365 for 16 years to go to crime scenes, review search warrants, and to take phone calls from any agency operating in my county from Constables, Sheriffs and Game Wardens to DPS Troopers and Texas Rangers.